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The artist and creator Michelle Littauer Gavrielov is launching a new solo exhibition at the "Office in Tel Aviv" gallery - "Black out" as a paraphrase of the words of Martin Luther King "Only light can overcome darkness, only love can hate."
In the solo exhibition, Gavrielov presents her protagonists with great compassion and great distinction.

In the exhibition, Gavrielov combines various formats of photography and painting combined with each other, creating an up-to-date picture of the black communities in Harlem and in Israel alike.

In the exhibition, Gavrielov presents the character of the "singer" that is woven as the second thread between work and work and represents the ultimate bar singer, a kind of fusion between several singers from Harlem. This is in parallel with immigrants from south Tel Aviv, groups of African pilgrims in the Holy Land, and scenes of voluntary retirement of a 'transparent' population to remote sites on the fringes of society.

Harlem is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the United States and the very pronunciation of its name ignites the imagination. Culturally Harlem is intertwined with Western culture. Jazz made some of his most significant moves there, and it grew into huge musicians like Louis Armstrong, Ella Pittsgerald and Duke Ellington.

Michal Gavrielov, an Israeli artist who graduated from Bezalel and Boston Hugh, joins this honorable list. Gavrielov lives and works in Hod Hasharon and Harlem, where she became involved in the local cultural world and the art life of New York. Gavrielov came to Harlem following her home - Shira Gavrielov - a singer and creator of her own who has been living in the neighborhood for five years.
"Harlem is the black sheep of the Big Apple and a fertile home for music and poetry, style of dress, language and way of life." Says Gavrielov "Black is not just a skin color. Blacks, but also of religious people wearing black."

Chief Curator: Rachel Sockman
Guest curator: Hannah Kupler


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